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“A new way to think about energy”


Ecotecnologie R&D Srl is a Research and Development Lab interested in renewables. Over 20 years of research led us to the creation of ecologically sound energy. Our success is the fulfillment of unique solutions for the production, management and accumulation of energy.
Our solutions pave the way to families and companies energy independence thanks also to renewable energy sources. Indeed, thanks to RES, user can produce all the energy he needs for his own. The great advantage of energy from RES derives from a 90% saving on electricity bills!
We guarantee safety, stability and versatility to our customers.
We provide a 4 years warranty on our products and a free project for your needs!
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We studied four different methodologies to satisfy every user’s need:

  • Isola system:
  • The purpose of this methodology is to make the user energy independent by producing and collecting energy on his own from solar panels or other renewables energy sources.

  • Ibrido system:
  • Ibrido plants are studied for users already reached from mains electricity. In this situation we suggest an undersized accumulator unit. So, the system is supported from electricity grid when it runs out of energy. This solution provides a 90% save on electricy bills up to 100% for smart users.

  • Superibrido system:
  • This plant works like Ibrido system but it’s made for users who already have feed-in system. Therefore, this methodology allows feeding in of energy overproduction combined with all the advantages of an accumulation system.

  • Push-pull system:
  • This is the most innovative system and it’s recommended for new plants and for users already reached from mains. This system works without accumulator unit using the energy produced on the moment with the integration of electricity grid. This is a classic apartment solution which avoid wasting space with a bulky accumulator unit.

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Riutilizzatore, our unique product

In the future, users will produce energy from renewables on their own and public energy suppliers will be left aside. For this reason, we developed this awesome power stations, which works with renewable resources.

Our products differ from the others for the following characteristics:

  1. Stability of potential difference, frequency band and power. The machine works between 180 V AC and 250 V AC.
  2. Riutilizzatore is a voltage stabilizer and an internal load synchronizer. It can absorb voltage peaks generated from drills, air conditioners, refrigerator compressor ecc. Therefore, our machine works also as UPS for the user, making his electricity grid safe.
  3. Double conversion switching that prevents electro-mechanics switching time. In our machine, the switching happens only at the electronic level.
  4. Our machines work at high voltage (240-280 V CC) differently from other machine, which works at 48 V. Therefore, we can work from 3kW to 300 kW with low currents (about 10 times lower than competitors).
  5. Our machinery are modular. This means that we can provide a different solution for each user based on his own needs. In this way we can guarantee a 90% save in the electricity bill leaving the other 10% to the client ability to “be tuned” with the machinery.
  6. Our research lab makes possible offering the best technology at minimum price. We are proud to be at the service of our customers.

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